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Record Label

Our team of professional Technicians and Musicians put at your disposal their skills and dexterity

to help you in your project and thus to produce your “Disc” or “Mutimedia Project.”





- We are specialized in preserving the essence of your sound and live performances. -As well on stage as in the recording studio, we adapt the recording techniques and the material to the style of your group. -Our technicians who are specialized in classical music and the interpreters of ArtSyntax, both as music consultants, can help you to find out the aesthetic sound balance for your project.
IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF AUDIOVISUAL SECTOR - Incidental Music and/or Soundtracks for short and feature films (composition, instrumentation, recording and integral or partial Mastering in musical styles required by the project). - Corporate Music (we create sound and the "Leit-motif" of your company for being recognized by everyone, moreover we compose and we produce music to create a greater audiovisual impact). - Advertising Spots (Music, locutions and effects to capture your customers). Fx and Foley (Creation, recreation and/ or composition of sound architectures for your projects)
IF YOU ARE A POP/ROCK/JAZZ MUSICIAN, A SINGER- SONGWRITER OR A SOUND CREATOR - We record your group live or in studio. - We create the scores of your music, we edit and we register them to offer them for sale. - We write and we record the wind sections or any other arrangements that improve your music.
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